About Inspired Generations

I’m often asked how Inspired Generations began.  My story may surprise you…

Many years ago, my 50th birthday coincided with the celebration of the iconic “Peace Sign”, which was also celebrating 50 years! I was happy to celebrate along with the “Peace Sign” because, ever since I was a child, I’ve loved coloring the groovy symbols of the Baby Boom era…peace signs, hearts & smiley faces! I had no idea that our shared celebration would soon become life-changing for me! I had a vision about creating a divided chip ‘n dip platter in the shape of a “Peace Sign”! I know it sounds funny to dream about a platter, but my vision was clear. So, I sketched the platter & began searching for a factory willing to create a prototype. Moments later, my computer crashed…but my business had begun! I found a wonderful factory, and several months later, “The Serving Peace” was born!

As I found local stores interested in selling “The Serving Peace”, I felt warmly received and grateful for support from the gift industry as well as friends and family. I began donating a portion of the profit from “The Serving Peace” to peace organizations and continue to do so. 

Now in our twelfth year, Inspired Generations has designed over 400 unique products, which are sold to gift shops, galleries and museums worldwide. Designing new product ideas is always tops on my To Do list. I am energized by the creative process!  It’s the everyday simple things that inspire me.  When someone or something makes me smile, I want to capture and share that happy feeling by translating it into a product!

Inspired Generations’ Happiness Mission:

To create beautiful feel-good products that bring a smile and inspire you to share your smile.

The world needs more happiness. If you take the time to smile, people will respond positively.  Each day I look for opportunities to share my smile and lift someone’s spirit. It takes just a tiny effort and feels great. I designed the “Smile Token” (my personal favorite) to make it simple for people to share a smile by “paying it forward”.  Smile Tokens pass from hand-to-hand and heart-to-heart to create a smile revolution.

Although Inspired Generations has grown over the years, not a day goes by without my feeling connected to my customers.  I am extraordinarily grateful for all you do to support my business.  If I have not had the pleasure of meeting you personally yet, please consider this my first expression of appreciation. Thank you so much for your interest in Inspired Generations, our products and our mission to lift the world up -- one smile at a time. Share Your Smile! 

SOOOOO GRATEFUL… from the bottom of my heart!